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Thank you for joining this vibrant virtual salon that provides support and resources for aspiring and established children’s book authors like you, all year round!  I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with you, and to the contribution you will make to this unique group of like-minded colleagues.

childrens book hub forumPlease take a moment to look around, acquaint yourself with the site, and complete your member profile.  Also, please tell us a little about yourself in the “Introduce Yourself” thread of the Members’ Forum.

Our monthly Expert Interviews and Q&A’s take place on alternate Tuesdays, at 7 PM Eastern time. To view upcoming interviewees and topics, click on the Teleseminars tab, above. Each event has its own page with all the information you need to post questions and access the event, its replay and the subsequent transcript.  You will also receive email notifications about upcoming events.

I encourage you to post questions each month even if you can’t attend an event ‘live,’ because I always post recordings, as well as links to any slideshows, after an event is over.  I also ask that you post questions as far in advance of events as possible, in order to give me adequate time to research and prepare the best possible slides and resources to answer your questions.

children's book hub forumThe Forum provides opportunities to post follow up questions and comments after events, as well as to connect with me and your fellow members. I encourage you to check in there regularly, and to post questions or comments whenever possible. This is also where you will find the Hub’s Virtual Critique Group, where you can receive feedback from fellow members on your book idea, draft, title, whatever!

“Hubbub,” our monthly newsletteris filled with valuable information about industry news, events, resources and opportunities, and is published once a month. If you have news to share, we want to publish it in the Hub Member News column! Send your news before the 1st of each month to admin@childrensbookhub.com.

You will find a wealth of information and resources related to writing and publishing for children under the Resources tab. Simply choose a topic, such as “Marketing,” or “Writing,” from the drop-down menu, and browse the many articles, worksheets, resource lists and other professionally useful tools there. You can also conduct a search on a specific topic via the “Search” bar on the top right corner of any page.

Remember, your Hub membership will deliver the maximum value relative to the degree to which you engage and participate. Please don’t be shy! Introduce yourself, ask questions, post comments, make suggestions. Share your successes and your challenges. You will find a wonderfully warm reception here, and no question is too basic or too complex.

Thank you again for joining us.  I look forward to supporting your creative journey through the wonderful world of children’s books!

To your success!


Emma Walton Hamilton, Founder of The Children's Book Hub for Children's Book Authors

Emma Walton Hamilton

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