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Emma Walton Hamilton is a best-selling children’s book author (6 times on the NY Times Bestseller list, including twice at #1). And, as Editorial Director of the Julie Andrews Collection publishing program, she has shepherded dozens of books by other authors through the publication process. Because she is an author as well as an editor, Emma uniquely understands the challenges and nuances of creating a successful children’s book…

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“Emma is a talented developmental editor. She is adept at giving editorial feedback in a constructive way to authors; has a strong sense of plot, character development, and dialogue, and is particularly good at line-editing so that a story’s shape emerges more clearly (her suggestions for cutting and streamlining are particularly effective). Emma also has a strong marketing sense; unlike many editors, she has a talent for conceiving, writing, and excecuting marketing materials for both print and electronic mediums.” Katherine Tegen, Vice President, Editorial Director – HarperCollins Children’s Books


Children’s Book Editing Services:

NOTE: Page counts are based on an average of 250 words per page, Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced.

Manuscript Evaluation
Comprehensive written evaluation of manuscript, with specific recommendations as to how to strengthen and improve plot, narrative, character development, theme, structure and presentation.


  • Picture Book (up to 2,000 words) – $425
  • Early Reader/Chapter Book (up to 26 pages, or 6500 words) – $750
  • Middle Grade Novel/Chapter Book (26-75 pages, or 6500-18,00 words) – $950
  • YA/Teen Novel (76 pages or more, or more than 18,000 words) – Starting at $1500

Line Editing
Line-by line recommendations to focus and tighten the story, strengthen the themes, enhance readability, improve grammar and sentence structure and maximize sales potential.

  • Picture Books (up to 2000 words): Narrative Prose – $750 Rhyming Verse – $850
  • Early Reader/Chapter Book (up to 26 pages or 6500 words) – $950
  • Middle Grade Novels/Chapter Books (26–75 pages, or 6500-18000 words): $50 per page
  • Young Adult/Teen Novels (76+ pages or more than 18000 words): $35 per page


One-to-one mentoring and consultation for writing and publishing projects on an hourly basis.
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If you are interested in obtaining editorial services, please email an inquiry to

Include the following in your email:

  • a brief description of the project
  • number of pages and word count
  • sample chapter or 3-5 sample pages of the manuscript

“A good editor can improve a piece of writing; a really good editor can improve the writer. Emma Walton Hamilton was such an editor for me. She possesses that rare blend of detached professionalism combined with an understanding of the creative process. It’s no wonder that she brings out the best in the writers she works with.” – Susan Milord, author of “Pebble – A Story of Belonging”

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